Confirm Room is Available and Send Check
Call or e-mail the owner to confirm availability of desired days. If dates are available, then mail a Certified/Bankers check or money order to the owner. Half of your rental fee is required to save the rental for you. If you cancel your reservation, the deposit is not refundable.

Sign Rental Agreement
A one-page rental agreement will be postal mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you when you confirm availability of your desired days. Please sign and postal mail back to the owner. It will be signed by the owner and returned to you upon approval of your rental.

Credit and/or Criminal Report
Please fill out our credit information form and release. A credit and/or criminal records report will be done. You must fill out this form to be accepted for rental. If you do not qualify, your check or money order will be returned to you.

Approval of Your Reservation
When your money is received and your report approved, you will be sent through postal mail a receipt for your payment and a signed copy of the one-page contract.

Remaining Money Due
The remaining half for the rental plus the $500 security deposit are required to be paid in full when you arrive in Port Saint Lucie. The security deposit is refunded if you do not damage the property. If you have to leave early, your rental fee is not refundable.